How to Find Time to Draw?

1. How to Find Time to Draw? You wake up, you gotta go to work, workout, study, spend time with friends, or family, do some chores, deal with random fires life throws at you, you come home, eat dinner and go to bed.  Among all these seemingly important “life” things, How do you find the […]

Why even make Art?

1. My Manga/Comic Pages I’ve been working on my Manga/comic for the past week and here are some pages from it.. I’m putting all my effort into making each page look good on this 21 page Manga and I’m so happy with how it’s turning out.  But as I was drawing this… I was thinking.. […]

Don’t Pander

1. Make YOUR Art. Don’t Pander Make the kind of ART you want to make. ✏️ And it will attract a certain kind of people. But you can’t decide who it will attract. You only have control over your work. Not the people it attracts.  The moment you change your work to attract a set […]

Make Art for Yourself

1. Make Art for Yourself Make Art for Yourself. Never care about what others might “think” about it.  Don’t listen to the words of others and their approval of what your work “should” and “shouldn’t”. It’s their expectations. It’s not on you. The more you listen to others, the more you loose yourself.  Be honest, […]

Busyness = Laziness?

1. Stop Being Busy? One of the things I try to do when things are not going my way is to “Fill up my calendar” 🗓️ Aka Take up a lot activities that makes me “feel” like moving towards a goal. Example – “oh no! I’m getting fat!!”  My response – “ok, I’m gonna exercise […]

How I Study Art?

1. How I Study Art? I have a simple and a straightforward process. A. Define exactly what I want to get good at? 📝 Ex – Get better at drawing Anime Faces B. Research and collect Info on a simple process to achieve this goal.🔎 C. Draw 10 – aka create 10 different practice sketches […]

My Manga Process

1. My Manga Pages Here are some completed pages from the short 20pg Manga I’m working on. 👇 And… Here’s how a page gets made 👇 2. My Manga Page Process Step 1: Super scribbly rough sketch only I can understand Step 2: Refine the Rough sketch with proper lines. I also use a lot […]

Learn This

1. Learn to Draw Forms Learn to draw forms well. They are the building blocks of a character. 🧱 If you Learn how to draw the simple ones. You can then expand them to draw different characters. 🧠 And that’s an easy way to come up with “New Characters” You are simply just changing the […]

Can you draw?

1. Irrational Beliefs about what’s possible. I’ve been reading the works of Albert Ellis, a psychologist and the founder of REBT, a behavioural therapy which forms much of the basis of Modern Psychotherapy. 😮 He often talks about how the “Beliefs” we hold (that we haven’t questioned yet)dictates much of our actions/responses in life. One […]

The Greatest Thing I’ve ever made…

1. The Most Important Podcast I’ve ever made. I’ve always suffered from “Optionality Paralysis” – aka having too many options and not being able to choose. 😕 Thus wasting months, sometimes years spinning my wheels. But I’ve lately solved that issue. Along with other problems such as; – How to choose and act on things […]

Why Learn Cartooning?

1. Making your First Comic I’ve shared a post outlining 5 Quick Tips for making your first comic. I’ve expanded in that and have made a video. Give it a watch (5.5 mins) 👇 2. Why Learn Cartooning? If you want an easy “hack” to get good at character design, try this – ‘Learn to […]

How to

Cartoon Faces?

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