How to Find Time to Draw?

1. How to Find Time to Draw? You wake up, you gotta go to work, workout, study, spend time with friends, or family, do some chores, deal with random fires life throws at you, you come home, eat dinner and go to bed.  Among all these seemingly important “life” things, How do you find the […]

1000 Nights of Art?

1. Do This for 1000 Nights Here’s a little piece of advice on Writing from Ray Bradbury on getting better at your craft (which can apply to any art) 👇 “Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row….before you go to bed every night, read […]

10 Days to change your Life

Here’s how 👇 1. You Need 10 Days I used to think I need a lot of time to change things.  But apparently, 10 Days is all you need to make something substantial.  I recently finished my ‘Kreate10’ challenge.. Where I made 10 illustrations in 10 days…🤯 I was mind blown with what can be […]

Kreate10 Challenge

A Challenge to Act on your Dreams. 1. Don’t Let your Dreams Die We all have Dreams that we haven’t acted on. Dreams of making things,Dreams of being someone,Dreams of Doing something.  But as years pass by, so do most of these unlived Dreams.😔 The scariest thing one can face in life is the regret […]

DON’T Believe this Myth

1. Talkers Block “Writers Block is a myth”  Says Seth Godin, the multiple best-selling author of 19+ books and a seasoned entrepreneur.  When people come up to him and say that they have “writers block”, He says: “Nobody has ‘talkers block’” It’s not like you are blocked from speaking today. 🤷 So, If you can […]

10 Lessons in 10 Years

Lessons from 10+ Years of Making “Content” 1. 10 Lessons, 10 Years Here’s are some things I’ve learned from 10+ years as a content creator. 1. Don’t Make Content – rather Document Cool things or the “Making of such Cool things”.2. “Do” before you talk about “Doing” stuff3. Make for an Audience of ONE. And […]

How to Waste your life?

I’ve wasted a year of my life doing nothing (from early 2022 – early 2023). So here’s my 1. Guide to Wasting your Life 1. Don’t have goals and wing it. It’s key. 🔑2. Always spend time thinking, do nothing. 3. Think small, Act Big. 4. Don’t Aim Big. Think incrementally. 🔎5. Say no to useful Daily […]

Emoji Expressions Method

1. Cartooning Expressions Last week, I drew a lot of Cartoon Expressions. And these were drawn with a simple method I came up with called the ‘Emoji Expressions Method’. 😲 The Idea is, you can draw complex expressions with a simple emoji. Here’s an Episode that’s all about it. 👇 2. Principles > Tactics […]

100 Days of Sketching

The challenge that changed my Life. 1. 100 Days of Sketching This is what my art used to look like. 👇 This is how it looks like right now. 🤯 And the Difference between these two drawings is ONE Practice Philosophy that changed my life. And It’s ‘100 Days of Sketching’ 💯 The Challenge is […]

Why Build your Brand?

So that you can Build a Cult around your work. 1. How I Built my ‘Personal Brand’? How did I build my  🎥 570k subscriber base in YouTube 📷 203k on Instagram  💌 45k people on my Newsletter? Here’s the Framework I’ve used 👇 • Talk about what you know. Share knowledge that you have […]

The 10 Year Rule

The Thing you want might take 10 Years. Don’t Overthink. Start Now. 1. The 10 Year Rule All the (Meaningful) things I’ve ever gotten have taken approx 7- 10 years to see results from it. ⌛ 🎥 Youtube – Started in 2010, Picked up in 2018. ✏️ Drawing – Started 1999, Took off in 2010. […]

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