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How to Find Time to Draw?

1. How to Find Time to Draw? You wake up, you gotta go to work, workout, study, spend time with friends, or family, do some chores, deal with random fires life throws at you, you come home, eat dinner and go to bed.  Among all these seemingly important “life” things, How do you find the […]

100 Days of Making Comics

1. ‘One Step’ – a Short Comic I’ve finally completed the first chapter of my ‘In-Spirit’ Comic book. Read the Full Comic here on my Website 👈 (3 Min Read)  Here are a few pages 👇 2. 3 Rules for Making Comics Here are the rules that I’m following for my ‘100 Days of Making […]

How to SUCK at Art?

1. How to SUCK at Art? Follow these and you’ll be guaranteed to suck at the craft of drawing (or any art). Start tomorrow. Overthink about what you want to do. Be embroiled in the Fantasy of your own mind. Plan meticulously but never start. Indulge in negative self-talk of your mind. Talk about doing […]